A few Tips For The Traveler

First and formost lets hydrate!! Hydration is so important for so many reasons. Not only does it keep your skin looking plump it also keeps your organs and muscles lubricated. This will keep you moving better and looking fresh. Always hydrate but I like to go extra a week before. Second, if I am going to be somewhere more than 3 or 4 days I like to book a blowout before I leave. Yes, that's right, even your hair person likes a nice blowout! It will give you a fun opprotunity to talk to a true local who will probably have some local destinations you won't find on any travel site. Bonus, you wont have to pack and shampoo!! One of my favorite travel tips if I am going to be gone a while is pack my bag 3 or 4 days before and live out of it so to speak. I will pick an outfit out from it even if I am not going to wear it. Make sure I have all my products , shoes and extras for the person who is extra ;)

Of course do not forget a good concelear, face and body cream, sunscreen, your favorite all day lip color, a hairbrush, a good restyler and compact makeup kit.

#2. Moving on with grace.

We have all been there, it could be a hairstyle, your old favorite t-shirt, a job or relationship it turns out we just gotta move on. Maybe it means your holy tshirt becomes a new throw pillow or that relationship that is not suiting you anymore becomes jut a memory to visit from time to time. Whatever the reason or situation it just allows a new space to open up in our closet and our hearts. If we have too many things that dont suit us in our closet for example you will have a hard time finding those things that do and then we end up wearing whatever is easiest. Same goes for your hair and makeup. Too much makeup? I bet some of it is old and needs to be checked. Have you been rocking the same hair since your yearbook photo? Maybe it's time for a refresh. Of course all of this applies to relationships as well. Make room for the ones who are giving back and the new people that are ready to be the friend that deserves a gold star!

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Jodi Vaughn

I am beauty professional with over 20 years in the field. I have had brilliant conversations with so many diverse people and have had the opprotunity to be on so many great adventures that I love to write about it. I hope to bring you products and ideas to expand your thoughts and beauty.

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